Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our FAQ information helps you navigate through the SAGE e-Textbook Library.

What is the SAGE e-Textbook Library?

The SAGE e-Textbook Library is an online platform where you can access your favourite textbooks anytime, anywhere in the campus. SAGE e-texts support teaching and learning enabling the students and instructors to access content virtually and come with a host of benefits. The key features of the platform are as follows:

If you need more information about SAGE e-Textbook Library content, please browse the platform or contact us or write to us at

How do I use SAGE e-Textbook Library?

SAGE e-Textbook Library access is based on IP address authentication. Your institution provides us with your IP addresses, we enable them, and then users coming from those IP addresses are able to access the SAGE e-Textbook Library. IP addresses must be static (not dynamic, meaning that they do not move outside of the range that your institution has provided) and restricted (only authorized users at that institution are able to access those IP addresses).

When I’m not on the university/institution campus, can I still use the digital textbooks?

When you are not on campus you cannot use the digital library because the ebooks can only be accessed within the IP range of university/institution. BS: If institution has authentication mechanism in place for the remote access through VPN, students would be able to access the titles remotely.

What should I do when I cannot access an eBook?

First check if you are using the correct IP address, because only then, you will have access to the digital library. If you are using the right IP address, and not able to access the eBook, please contact us directly.

How should I get the latest version of a textbook released in the market if my annual subscription will expire after 8 months?

SAGE would upload new editions periodically, generally every 6 months and the same to be purchased upon renewal only.

Can I request as eBooks for purchase?

You can submit a request to purchase an eBook for the library to the librarian or any other decision maker of the topic concerned. You can contact the library’s Content Management department directly.

What are the various purchasing options on this platform?

The Institution can go for pick and choose option and create its own library, they can use our web form to select the titles and create custom library. Post submission of the selected titles, our sales team would connect with the custom quote for your selection. Institutions may connect with our text sales team at for exciting package deals.

I am a student and my institution does not have access to the SAGE e-Textbook Library. Can I purchase eBook(s) on this platform for my use?

NO, this platform is for library sales only. Students can purchase eBooks via different platform and can write to us directly at

I am an instructor and my institution does not have access to the SAGE Textbook Library. Can I get the faculty review copy on this platform?

You may write to us separately the same at

I have a suggestion for the Bundles and Subject Bundles of the textbook ebrary. What should I do?

If you feel that a certain ebook should be/ not be part of Bundles/Subject Bundles, then please contact your librarian.

I have other questions regarding Bundles and Subject Bundles? Where can I find more information?

Please contact us at We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

The password I entered when I tried to log in is incorrect.

If you’ve forgotten your password, it’s easy, go to  reset password page.

I would like to write a feedback for the SAGE Texts Resource (ebrary) site. Who can I contact regarding this?

We appreciate comments and feedback from our customers. If you want to write to us about this platform, please use the Feedback option given in the footer of the platform.